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Juice Grape Sustainability Report Card

The WA Juice Grape Sustainability Report Card is designed to aid juice grape producers in documenting their practices, and how those practices influence the overall sustainability (economically, environmentally, and socially) of their farms. The Report Card also contains information and resources to help growers develop action plans to improve their sustainability in areas where they may fall short.

Copies of this Report Card will be available to all commercial WA juice grape growers through their processors (distribution between Nov 2014-Feb 2015). In addition, copies are currently available for purchase at: Search for publication number: EM085, or access the order form directly by clicking here.


References and Resources

The below resources are those presented in the Report Card. They are hyperlinked here (when available) for easy access and download. 

Section I- Vineyard Management

University Extension Publications

Journal Articles/Proceedings/Presentations

Other Resources

Section II-Nutrient Management

University Extension Publications

Journal Articles/Proceedings/Presentations

Other Resources

Section III- Irrigation Management

University Extension Publications

Presentations/Posters/White Papers

  • Wample, R.L., J. Davenport, and L. Mills. 2000. Estimates of Water and Nutrient Movement in a Commercial Vineyard. In Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Cool Climate Viticulture Oenology. Winetitles, South Australia.

Other Resources

Section IV- Pest Management

University Extension Publications

Other Resources

Section V- Pesticide Storage, Handling, and Application

Section VI- New Vineyard Establishment

Section VII- Continuing Education

Juice Grape Report Card Downloads

Other Sustainability Tools

Michigan State University’s Grape*A*Syst Program: Grape Grower Sustainability Assessment and Risk Reduction Tool

Cornell University’s VineBalance: Sustainable Viticulture in the Northeast


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