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Leaf Stripping and Sunburn in Vineyards

Ouch, I’m Burning! Leaf-stripping is a technique that many viticulturists use to increase berry exposure, hence color and sugar development, mainly in red wine grape…

Nitrogen Applications in the Fall?

As autumn is in full swing, some growers may be cleaning out drip irrigation lines with chemicals like a urea/sulfuric acid solution in preparation for…

Pruning Basics

Grapevine Pruningand Cropload Tips

Better Winemaking through Biochemistry: Special Topic “Hang Time”

By Jim Harbertson Introduction The issue of extending grape ripening beyond traditional goals known commonly as “hang time” is being practiced on a global scale.…

Yield Estimation

Click here to download a PDF worksheet on Yield Estimation There are a number of reasons why you should do yield estimation. These include: Scheduling…

Berry Shrivel – All the Same?

Uncovering BerryShrivel in Vineyards

Grape and Wine Phenolics: A Primer

By Jim Harbertson, Associate Professor of Enology Know your phenolics! This primer will provide a short background on the principal phenolic components found in grapes…

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