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About Viticulture & Enology at WSU

Viticulture is the science, production, and study of the cultivation of grapes. It’s the series of decisions and events that occur in the vineyard—the agricultural endeavors of vine-growing and grape production.
Enology is the science and study of winemaking. An enologist understands the scientific principles underlying wine production, including determining desirable characteristics, conducting chemical, microbiological, and sensory grape and wine analyses, and integrating this information during the wine production process.

The WSU Viticulture & Enology (V&E) Program is a comprehensive education and research program that prepares students for successful careers in the wine industry and supports the region’s winemakers and grape growers. Enhanced by renowned faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, the V&E Program takes a hands-on, multidisciplinary approach, offering students technical, scientific, and practical experience.

Green Grapes on the Vine


Viticulture and enology education thrives on multidisciplinary collaborations. These collaborations are fortified by the perfect blend of hands-on study, industry connections, and renowned faculty.

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Our cutting-edge research helps growers and winemakers cultivate healthy plants with less impact on the environment and craft wines that express the unique characteristics of Washington’s wine-growing regions.

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2015 Viticulture Field Day


Through V&E Extension, our research is translated into real-world outreach, education, and tools for the people who need them most.

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