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Grapes & Vineyards

Browse all grape and vineyard extension topical resources using the Grape & Vineyards Topics section of the right menu. Select topics are highlighted below.

Vineyard Establishment and Management

Learn and gather information on what it takes to establish and manage a vineyard.

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Vineyard Irrigation and  Vine Nutrition

The majority of grape production in Washington is located in the arid “East” where irrigation is an essential part of agriculture. This page has more information on general practices for irrigated agriculture.

Grape Pests, Diseases, Weeds, and Disorders

Maintaining plant health is vital in the quality production of grapes.

Learn more about disease and insect identification, physiological disorders, and general plant nutrition:

Cold Hardiness and Smoke Exposure

The environment and climate can pose both opportunities and challenges. Learn more about important environmental constraints in Washington.

The Weather

Weather impacts all aspects of farming, and vineyards are no exception!

Economics of Grape Production

Viticulture is the business of producing grapes.  Having a solid understanding of the economics and costs of producing grapes is vital for the sustainability of your business, and of the industry.

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Juice Grape Sustainability

The WA Juice Grape Sustainability Report Card is designed to aid juice grape producers in documenting their practices, and how those practices influence the overall sustainability (economically, environmentally, and socially) of their farms. The Report Card also contains information and resources to help growers develop action plans to improve their sustainability in areas where they may fall short.
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Clean Plant Center – Northwest Grapes

The Clean Plant Center Northwest-Grapes (formerly the Northwest Grape Foundation Service) is a starting point for growers to receive planting stock that is state-certified as to being tested free of targeted viruses.
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General Resources

Many other resources are available to winemakers, growers, and those interested in Washington Wine and Grapes.  Check out our: