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A remote weather station
AWN has standardized weather stations throughout Washington.


Washington State University is very fortunate to have one of the best weather networks in the country.  AgWeatherNet (AWN) provides access to local weather stations from throughout Washington, in addition to providing access to some disease and pest models.  Send alerts to your email or phone, or download raw data straight to your computer.

Weather and Vineyard Management

Cold Hardiness Monitoring:  Grapevines need cold temperatures to properly go through dormancy and to have even budbreak and bloom durations in the summer.  However, severe low temperatures in the winter can result in substantial damage to grapevines.  WSU has a Cold Hardiness monitoring program that assesses the cold hardiness thresholds of various cultivars throughout the winter.

Evapotranspiration: This measurement helps determine irrigation strategies and levels, and is an indirect way of measuring how quickly a plant is losing water.

Precipitation measurements are critical for determining irrigation strategies.

Growing Degree Days, or heat accumulation, are useful in determining if plants have received enough heat to proceed through normal developmental stages such as flowering, fruit set, and veraison.

Weather and Climate Maps and Forecasts