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Disease, Pest and Weed Management

Grapevine Diseases

Foliar and Fruit Diseases

Root and Trunk Diseases


For additional information on grapevine viruses, please contact: Dr. Naidu Rayapati.

Insects, Mites and Nematodes

Canopy / Trunk / Root Pests

Fruit Pests


Weed Identification

Weed Management

Noxious Weed Control


Vineyard Vertebrate Management


Managing vertebrates can be challenging due to legal restrictions on trapping and use of chemicals. The information provided below is to help the reader understand general biology and what typical control options are. However, if an information source was produced outside of WA, some of their recommendations may not be legal within the state. Contact your local Extension or WSDA wildlife expert to make sure management activities are legal before attempting them.


Deer / Elk

Sage Rats / Badgers / Voles


Check out our Article Archives for discussions on pest and disease management and vintage progression.

ALERT: Invasive and Quarantine Species

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Testing Services

Washington State University Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic

  • Diseases, Viruses
  • Insect and Weed Identification

Oregon State University Plant Clinic

  • Diseases

West Coast Commercial Testing Services

This list is provided as a resource and may not be exhaustive of all available commercial services. Mention is not endorsement.