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From Bud to Bottle, Wine Export Spotlight: Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by fungi (mushrooms, molds, yeast, etc.). The specific nature and toxicity of mycotoxins vary along with the source organism. Generally,…

Undergrad Researcher Experiments with Co-fermentation

Scholarship helps fund project The synergy created by co-fermenting black and white grapes together can create a truly wonderful wine. The winemakers of France’s Rhone…

WSU Opens Research Winery

Washington State University now features the largest experimental, non-commercial winemaking facility in the Pacific Northwest. The research winery, which is located at the WSU Irrigated…

Qin Zhang

Professor/Director Center for Precision Agricultural Systems WSU Prosser IAREC 24106 N. Bunn Road Prosser, WA 99350-8694 Phone 509-786-9360 FAX 509-786-9321

Doug Walsh

Associate Entomologist/Environmental and Agrichemical Education Specialist WSU Prosser IAREC 24106 N. Bunn Road Prosser, WA 99350-8694 Phone 509-786-9287 FAX 509-786-9370

Julie Tarara

Research Horticulturist WSU Prosser IAREC 24106 N. Bunn Rd. Prosser, WA 99350 Phone 509-786-9392 FAX 509-786-9277

Carolyn Ross

Associate Professor of Enology/Sensory Science 122 Food Science & Human Nutrition Bldg PO Box 646376 Pullman, WA 99164-6376 Phone 509-335-2438 FAX 509-335-4815

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