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Viticulture and Enology Certificate Programs

The 1.5-year-long online Viticulture and Enology Certificate Programs in are professional, non-credit programs offered through WSU Extension. They are open to anyone who is seriously interested in working in the wine industry – growing grapes and/or commercial winemaking. The program is science-based, and college chemistry and biology courses are strongly recommended. Participants in the Enology certificate are required to write a business plan for a winery.

Program Impact

A survey sent to 400 graduates of the Viticulture and Enology Certificate Programs (return rate of 50.8 percent) showed that as a result of completing their professional certificate:

  • 40 percent reported opening a winery
  • 38 percent reported increased ratings of their wine and improved winery profitability
  • 29 percent increased profitability of existing vineyard
  • 28 percent planted a vineyard

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