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Joan Davenport

In the arid areas of the Pacific Northwest, soil management means knowing about water, about plants, and, of course, about soil.  Dr. Davenport’s research focused on an array of projects designed to understand soil variability and how to manage water and nutrients for economically sustainable, environmentally friendly agricultural production.

Juice Grapes

  • Nitrogen rates and timing for Concord grape production
  • Micronutrient supplements for Concord grape

Wine Grapes

  • Winegrape nutrition: Deficiency symptoms and micronutrient response
  • Can late season foliar nitrogen application reduce wine grape nitrogen nutrition stress?
  • Developing a site selection GIS for Inland Pacific NW grape production

BioFuel Cropping Systems

  • Water and nitrogen management in irrigated winter canola

Soil Fertility Evaluation

  • Calibration of available phosphorus indices for recently acidified soils in the Columbia Basin of Washington State.

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Emeritus Professor / Soil Scientist

24106 N. Bunn Road
Prosser, WA 99350-8694