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WSU Grapevine Cold Hardiness Model

What is the WSU Cold Hardiness Model?

The WSU cold hardiness model, in Excel, can be used to help predicted grapevine bud cold hardiness based on ambient air temperatures. A full description of this model is in: Ferguson et al., 2014 (AJEV).

WSU is providing this cold hardiness model, as an Excel Workbook download free-of-charge. If you are located in Washington State, this model is already set up to run on each of the AgWeatherNet Stations in the state. An AgWeatherNet account is required to view the model, but making an account is currently free-of-charge.  If you are located outside of Washington State, simply add your own temperature data to the Exel Workbook.

More information on cold hardiness modeling and monitoring.

Obtaining a Copy of the WSU Cold Hardiness Model (EXCEL file)

Please send your name, affiliation (Government, University, Grower, Consultant, Student), and location (City, State/Province, Country), and preferred contact email to:   Please use “Cold Hardiness Model Request” as the subject line.

You will receive a reply which will contain a download link to the file. We are asking for your contact information so that we may track where the model is being used. It also allows us to contact you when we have model updates.

Using the WSU Cold Hardiness Model on AgWeatherNet

Each AgWeatherNet station across Washington State is capable of modeling grapevine cold hardiness predictions and estimated critical low temperature thresholds for bud damage of over 20 wine and juice grape cultivars based on the locally observed temperature for each weather station.

This model is distributed by the Washington State University Viticulture  Program, located at: WSU-IAREC, 24106 North Bunn Rd., Prosser, WA 99350, USA.