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Seeder | Mac’s Garden Center | Pasco, WA

Posted by kaury.balcom | April 22, 2024

Position Summary

Mac’s Garden Center is a retail garden store in Pasco, WA with a separate growing operation about 10 minutes outside of town. The Seeder for our Growing Operation is directly responsible for the seeding of all our bedding plant flowers, vegetables, herbs and perennial flowers that we produce for our retail sales. Following a production schedule, the seeder uses a couple different seeding machines to seed plug flats which then are placed in a germination chamber. The seeder will monitor the growth of the seedlings and move the flats out to the greenhouse when ready. The seeder will communicate daily with the Greenhouse production fore-man as things are ready for the transplanting crews.

Core Expectations:

Follow a weekly planting schedule that is scripted by the owner of Mac’s and the production foreman.

• Fill and prepare plug trays with soil and label.

• Learn to seed each plant variety with the proper depths and ideal germination requirements.

Maintain the Germination chambers with proper temperatures, humidity and light levels and keep plug trays adequately wa-tered.

Monitor plant development to ascertain when plug trays are mature enough and then move them to the correct greenhouse for the next crew to transplant.

Keep Log of the date and amount of all seeds that are planted and the percent germination and date that the plug trays are moved to the greenhouse.

• Organize and maintain records of all our seed inventory

• Help with organizing and inventory of all the plant tags that are used in the labeling of plants in the Grow Operation.

Keep files of the paperwork of all the plant, tag, seed, pots and supplies that are received at the Grow Operation and com-municate with the office staff about those deliveries received.

Core Competencies

Ability to read instructions and do basic math to calculate quantities of seeds and tags needed for production of pony packs, flats of pots, etc.

Be a strong independent worker and good communicator with owner of Mac’s and the production foreman.

• Be organized and use a PC to keep detailed records of seeding work

• Willing to learn new plants and their seeding requirements.

Required Work Schedule

The Seeder is a full time position in February thru May each year. It is part time in January and August/Sept. The Seeder usually works Monday thru Friday during the busy months with some occasional light watering duties on weekends.

Education/Experience Necessary

A High school Education and some gardening and plant knowledge. Much of the equipment can be trained but some previous plant experience is important.