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Wine Bar Manager | Muret-Gaston Wine Bar | Kennewick, WA

Posted by kaury.balcom | June 9, 2022

Job Description, Manager, Muret-Gaston Wine Bar

This is a full-time position managing our Muret-Gaston wine bar in downtown Kennewick. The main goals of our businesses are to:

  1. Sell wine.
  2. Convert visitors to wine club membership.
  3. Provide an experience that creates brand ambassadors and prompts return visits.

The way you support these goals is to fulfill the following roles:

  1. Work with your staff to prepare wine flights and food per order and deliver to customers.
  2. Share information about the brands’ stories and products with customers.
  3. Assist owners with hiring, training, and supervising staff at both locations, while inspiring performance, increasing sales and conversion, remaining organized, planning ahead, and maintaining compliance. Keep staff informed about goals, metrics and KPIs, recognize achievements, and monitor growth.
  4. Graciously host visitors, while enforcing rules, laws and policies as directed by owners.
  5. Always communicate professionally in person, via phone, email, social media and newsletters. Contribute to digital content as required.
  6. Interact professionally with all co-workers, vendors, customers and industry colleagues.
  7. Maintain flexibility about work locations. Home-base is the wine bar, but occasionally you’ll be needed at the winery/tasting room, depending on the season, events, and exceptions.
  8. Ring up sales and package wine for customers, plus help deliver wine to cars as requested.
  9. Help prepare club releases including writing newsletters, designing marketing materials, working to package, label and send club wines.
  10. Manage daily operations of wine bar (and/or tasting room as needed) and take ultimate responsibility for completion of tasks:
  • Wash dishes
  • Polish glasses
  • Keep the business (including floors, counters, restrooms, appliances and windows) clean and ready for customers.
  • Interact with vendors, including purchasing and receiving.
  • Hire musicians or event-based vendors as needed.
  • Ensure all LCB and Health Dept standards are met.
  • Restock products.
  • Embrace and promote wine education.
  • Ensure staff Food Handler Permits and MAST permits are up to date and ready for inspection.
  • Help design and/or execute special events and promo activities.
  • Follow and enforce company policies.
  • Wine Bars will typically be open from 12-8pm daily.

We need you to be able to:

  1. Show proof of COVID vaccination, per company policy.
  2. Lift and carry 40 pounds repeatedly during an 8-hour shift.
  3. Stand for long periods of time during an 8-hour shift.
  4. Communicate professionally.
  5. Realize you are a representative of our brand and filter your personal social media accounts accordingly.
  6. Contribute to our scent-free environment by avoiding use of scented body/hair products and remaining scent-free from any smoked or vaped products. Muret-Gaston is a smoke-free facility.
  7. Have a Bachelor’s degree or wine credentials (i.e. WSET or CSW)

Interested? Email cover letter and resume to