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WSU Opens Research Winery

Washington State University now features the largest experimental, non-commercial winemaking facility in the Pacific Northwest. The research winery, which is located at the WSU Irrigated…

From Bud to Bottle, Wine Export Spotlight: Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by fungi (mushrooms, molds, yeast, etc.). The specific nature and toxicity of mycotoxins vary along with the source organism. Generally,…

Grape and Wine Phenolics: A Primer

By Jim Harbertson, Associate Professor of Enology Know your phenolics! This primer will provide a short background on the principal phenolic components found in grapes…

Better Winemaking through Biochemistry: Special Topic “Hang Time”

By Jim Harbertson Introduction The issue of extending grape ripening beyond traditional goals known commonly as “hang time” is being practiced on a global scale.…
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