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The V&E Program is following CDC, state, and university recommendations to practice social distancing in order to slow the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus. We have temporarily modified our operations to include teleworking options for our faculty, staff and graduate students, but remain available to serve you during regular business hours though email, phone and videoconference. Visit WSU’s source of updates and information about COVID-19 at

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2021 WineVit Convention

Visit the WineVit website for more information:

2021 Idaho Wine Commission Annual Meeting

Please see the Idaho Wine Commission’s website for more information:

2021 Oregon Wine Symposium

Visit the Oregon Wine Symposium for more information:

2021 Unified Wine and Grape Symposium

The 2021 Unified Wine and Grape Symposium will be virtual!   See their website for more information, including registration:

WA Wine Tech Group Base Camp

Discussion and education around a specific topic. After lunch, we will blind taste each other’s wines, prompting discussion on common issues that can arise in…

National Viticulture and Enology Extension Leadership Conference

Join us in networking with peers and sharing extension ideas for the grape and wine industries across North America! This conference is co-hosted by WSU…
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