Coronavirus COVID-19

The V&E Program is following CDC, state, and university recommendations to practice social distancing in order to slow the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus. We have temporarily modified our operations to include teleworking options for our faculty, staff and graduate students, but remain available to serve you during regular business hours though email, phone and videoconference. Visit WSU’s source of updates and information about COVID-19 at


You can support our programs by purchasing WSU Blended Learning student-made wine. Our online store is coming soon!


Wine can be ordered via email or by calling 509.372.7224.  Shipping available within Washington state (weather permitting).

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Find a retailer near you:

Anecortes, WA (out-of-state shipping available)
Compass Wines
1405 Commercial Ave
(360) 293-6500

Pullman, WA
WSU Visitor Center
150 E Spring St, Pullman

Richland, WA
WSU Wine Science Center
359 University Dr.
Temporarily Closed

South Richland, WA
Yokes Fresh Market
454 Keene Rd
(509) 491-3336

Blended Learning Wine Bottles

Our Wine

Savor some of the finest student made wines around! Our wines are made in partnership with Washington state winemakers whose expertise lends credibility to the wine and gives students the opportunity to learn from their experience and techniques. The fruit is sourced from some of the state’s most iconic vineyards, which elevate the wine’s quality and infuse unique characteristics found in each winemaking region.