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Current Issue of VEEN

Spring 2017 – Winter precipitation, Berry splitting, Insect vectors, Herbicides, AWN phenology model, Wine microbiology, Pesticide drift, NASS ag census, Washington Winegrowers, Washington State Grape and Wine Research Program

Recent Issues of VEEN

Fall 2016 – Legality of Propagating Vines, AWN Annual Review, Irrigation Maintenance, Leafhopper Pesticide Evaluation, Cold Hardiness Resources, Pesticide Licensing in Wineries, Washington State Grape and Wine Research Program Review

Spring 2016– Sprayer Calibration, P Fertilizer, Deep Irrigation, New Mite in WA,  Sensory of Bubbles, Brettanomyces

Fall 2015– Water Resources, Weather Review, Concord Chlorosis, Crop Coefficients, Barrel Craftsmanship, Acid Adjustments

Spring 2015 – Phloem Damage, Trunk Diseases, Butterfly Sanctuaries, Drought Advisory, Weather Review

Fall 2014 – Economics of Trunk Disease Management, Native Plants, Blackleaf, Bud Fruitfulness, Leaffolders, Weather Review, Winery Bench Trials, Brettanomyces detection

Spring 2014 – Quarantines, Clean Plants, Mite Resistance, Canopy Management, Native Yeasts, Irrigating Variable Soils, Grape and Wine Acidity Explained

Fall 2013 – Mites, Winter Water, Brettanomyces, Irrigation Scheduler Mobile

Spring 2013 – Native Plants in Vineyards, Berry Water Balance, Grapevine Redleaf (Red Blotch) Disease, Wine Sensory Lab Update, Wine Matrix and Tannins

Fall 2012– Dormant Lime Sulfur, Physiology of GLRD, Robotic Pruning, Maceration Part 3, Atypical Aging, Smoke Taint

Spring 2012– Vintage Explained, SWD, Mealybug Trapping, Mobile Irrigation Scheduling, Maceration Part 2, Tannin Additions

Fall 2011–     Season in Review, Mealybugs, AWN, Maceration, Measuring Brix, WSU Wine Sensory

Spring 2011– Cold Hardiness, BMSB & SWD, Native Cover crops, Clonal Plant ID, Irrigation Sensors, High Acid Wines


Important Information

VEEN is published two times per year.

  • April
  • September/October

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