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Pests, Diseases, Disorders and Nutrition

Insect Pests

Insect pests can be a challenge in Washington vineyards. This page discusses various pests and their management.

Virus Diseases (Virology)

In order to grapple with the wine grape industry’s concern about grapevine virus diseases, a partnership of wine-grape growers, certified nurserymen, representatives from the Washington, Oregon and Idaho state departments of agriculture and Washington State University faculty are investigating detection and management strategies.

General Grape Diseases

Fungi and bacteria also cause significant diseases of grapevine, including Powdery Mildew, Botrytis Bunch Rot, Eutypa Dieback, and Crown Gall. This page provides information on their biology and management.

Weed Management

Weed management is especially important in the early-establishment phase of grape production.


Managing parasitic nematodes in existing or establishing vineyards can be challenging.  Proper identification is critical in determining if action needs to be taken.

Vineyard Vertebrates

Managing vertebrates, such as birds, deer and rodents, can be challenging in any vineyard setting.

Herbicide and Physiological Disorders

Disorders caused by herbicides or physiological responses to the environment can significantly affect grape production.

Nutrition and Soil Fertility

Learn about what a vine needs to grow, and how soil fertility plays a role in plant health.

Pesticide Application Technology

Learn about rules and regulations regarding pesticide application, in addition to modern advances in spray application technology.

Pesticide Applicator Information

Learn how to obtain a pesticide applicator’s license for WA or Oregon. Links for online pesticide credits are also provided.

Winter Cold Damage

Winter temperatures can reach damaging levels in the Pacific Northwest.  Knowing how to properly identify bud, phloem and xylem damage is critical when determining pruning strategies.

Quick Links

Pesticide Information and Licenses

Click here to read up on pesticide labels, regulations, and license information for Washington and the PNW.

WSU Grape Pest Management Guide

Guide to control of pests on commercial grapes. Updated annually – WSU #EB0762. Click here to order a hard copy. Click here to order a downloadable PDF.

Field Guide for IPM in the PNW

This Field Guide (#PNW644) has over 240 full-color photos on different diseases, pests, weeds, and disorders. Click here to order a hard copy.

A Spanish-English IPM Pocket Guide (#PNW654) is also available. Click here to order a copy.

Pest Management Strategic Plan – Grapes

A completed assessment of industry-advocated needs for research, extension, and education in WA wine grape production for 2014-2024. Click here to download.

WSU Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic

The Clinic offers for-service diagnosis and detection of plant pests and diseases.

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