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Vince Hebert

Vince Hebert


I have a long-standing interest and professional involvement in understanding the environmental fate and transport of trace-level organics in air. Our current area of research focuses on administration over a regional ambient air monitoring program for understanding implications of off-target pesticide movement on public health and crop injury. Other areas of active research include: 1) developing analytical methods for assessing specific biomarkers useful for monitoring pesticide exposures to sensitive subpopulations in agricultural communities, 2) the development of field air -sampling methods and volatilization chamber system design for assessing fumigants, pesticides, and semiochemicals useful in codling moth mating disruption, 3) characterizing/isolating bioactive plant volatile emissions from insect herbivory that may prove useful in enhancing conservation biological control in cropping systems, and 4) chemically assessing sublethal concentrations of pesticides in surface waters that can have neurobehavioral effects on salmonids.

A principal responsibility of my appointment is to administer over a state-mandated food and environmental regulatory science facility that conducts studies under federal 40CFR Part 160 Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). This program houses an independent quality assurance unit and GLP Laboratory Coordinator to assure federal compliance.

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Laboratory Research Director
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