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Michelle M. Moyer

MIchelle M. Moyer


B.Sc.- University of Wisconsin-Madison; (1) Genetics, and (2) Plant Pathology

Ph.D – Cornell University; Plant Pathology


Extension (70%)

My Extension responsibilities cover viticulture across the state, and include juice, processing, and wine grape production. I work closely with other members of the Viticulture and Enology program to help transfer knowledge gained through WSU research (and beyond) to the hands of the Washington viticulture industry. This includes the development of workshops and educational programs, publishing the WSU Viticulture and Enology Extension News, and teaching three courses in the WSU-Extension Viticulture and Enology Certificate Program.

Research (30%)

As a general overview my program is looking at the applied science behind (i) vineyard site selection and establishment, (ii) grapevine canopy manipulation and management, and (iii) general viticulture practices on wine and juice grape production. These include validating existing and developing new site selection models and criteria for defining grape quality and ideal growing conditions, understanding how canopy manipulation and management strategies influence grapevine growth and development, and optimizing the timing and type of viticulture cultural techniques for combined impacts on disease management and grape quality.

Graduate Students

Current Students:

Eric Gale (M.Sc. 2013-x2016): Modeling Crown Gall and Cold Hardiness.

Katherine East (M.Sc. 2015-x2017): Nematode Management Strategies for Washington Vineyards.

Former Students:

Brittany Komm (M.Sc. 2011-2014): Impacts of Early Fruit-zone Leaf Removal in Eastern Washington Vineyards.

Lab Personnel

Jensena Newhouse, Research Technician (2012-current ): Focusing on research in pesticide efficacy, nematode extractions, and fruit analyses.

Steve Hoff, Research Assistant (2013-current): Assistance on laboratory research projects; table grape evaluation.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles:

Gohil, H. and M.M. Moyer. 2014. Evaluation of In-Season Applied Heat to Vitis vinifera ‘Merlot’ and ‘Syrah’ in Eastern Washington. HortTechnology.25: In Press.

Moyer, M.M., D.M. Gadoury, W.F. Wilcox, and R.C. Seem. 2014. Release of Erysiphe necator ascospores and impact of early-season disease pressure on Vitis vinifera fruit infection. Am. J. of Enol. Vitic. 65: 315-324

Yau, I-H., J.R. Davenport, M.M.  Moyer. 2014. Developing a wine grape site evaluation decision support system for the inland Pacific Northwest. HortTechnology 24: 88-98.

Ferguson, J., M.M. Moyer, L.J. Mills, G. Hoogenboom, and M. Keller. 2014. Modeling dormant bud cold hardiness and budbreak in 23 Vitis genotypes reveals variation by region of origin. Am. J. of Enol. Vit. 65: 59-71.

Moyer, M.M., D.M. Gadoury, L. Cadle-Davidson, I.B. Dry, P. Magarey, W.F. Wilcox,  and R.C. Seem. 2010.  Effects of acute low temperature events on development of Erysiphe necator and susceptibility of Vitis vinifera. Phytopathology 100:1240-1249.

Moyer, M.M., D.M. Gadoury, W.F. Wilcox, and R.C. Seem. May 2010. Development of an advisory system for grapevine powdery mildew in eastern North America: A reassessment of epidemic progress. Online. Plant Health Progress.

Extension Publications (Peer-Reviewed):

Moyer, M.M, and S. O’Neal. (eds). 2014. Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Pacific Northwest Vineyards: Pocket Version (Spanish-English). Pacific Northwest Extension Publication #PNW654.

Moyer, M.M., G. Moulton, and T. Henick-Kling. 2014. Growing Winegrapes in Maritime Western Washington. WSU Extension Bulletin #EM068e.

Moyer, M.M, and S. O’Neal. (eds). 2013. Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Pacific Northwest Vineyards. Pacific Northwest Extension Publication #PNW644.

Hoheisel, G.A. and M.M. Moyer. (eds). Pest Management Guide for Grapes in Washington. (Updated Annually). WSU Extension Bulletin #EB0762.

Moyer, M.M., R.T. Peters, and R. Hamman. 2013. Irrigation Basics for Eastern Washington Vineyards. WSU Extension Manual #EM061E.

Moyer, M.M., and G.G. Grove. 2012. Powdery Mildew in Eastern Washington Commercial Grape Production: Biology and Disease Management. WSU Extension Manual #EM058E.

Moyer, M.M., and G.G. Grove. 2012. Powdery Mildew in Western Washington Commercial Grape Production: Biology and Disease Management. WSU Extension Manual #EM059E.

Moyer, M.M., C. Kaiser,  J. Davenport, and P.A. Skinkis. 2012. Considerations and Resources for Vineyard Establishment in the Inland Pacific Northwest. PNW Extension Manual #PNW634.

Moyer, M.M., and G.G. Grove. 2011. Botrytis Bunch Rot in Commercial Washington Grape Production: Biology and Disease Management. WSU Extension Factsheet #FS046E.

Moyer, M. M., L.M. Mills, G.A. Hoheisel, and M. Keller. 2011. Assessing and Managing Cold Damage in Washington Vineyards. WSU Extension Manual #EM042E.

Extension Publications:

Moyer, M.M., (ed). Viticulture and Enology Extension News. WSU V&E Extension Bi-annual Newsletter.

Gadoury, D.M., Seem, R.C., Moyer, M.M. 2012. Climate, Duration of Bloom, and the Window of Risk for Grapevine Diseases. Appellation Cornell. Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Moyer, M.M,. Gadoury, D.M., and Seem, R.C. 2011. Variable Eastern Weather Influences Powdery Mildew Severity. Appellation Cornell. Cornell Cooperative Extension.

White Papers:

Moyer, M.M., and S. O’Neal. 2014. Pest Management Strategic Plan for Washington State Wine Grape Production. Western Region IPM Center, USDA-NIFA.


American Phytopathological Society

American Society for Enology and Viticulture

Washington State Grape Society- Board Member, December 2012-Current

Washington Association for Winegrape Growers - Education/Annual Meeting Committee

Contact Information

Assistant Professor/Extension Viticulturist
24106 N. Bunn Rd.
Prosser, WA 99350-8694
Phone 509-786-9234
FAX 509-786-9370

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