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Coronavirus COVID-19

The V&E Program is following CDC, state, and university recommendations to practice social distancing in order to slow the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus. We have temporarily modified our operations to include teleworking options for our faculty, staff and graduate students, but remain available to serve you during regular business hours though email, phone and videoconference. Visit WSU’s source of updates and information about COVID-19 at

Employment Opportunities

WSU Handshake Positions

Students and employers are encouraged to use Handshake, an online resource provided by the WSU Academic Success and Career Center to search for and post employment opportunities. For questions about Handshake, email


Students can use Handshake for Students to search and apply for available jobs and internships. Job search “agents” can be set up to notify you when new positions are posted that match your interests.


Employers can use Handshake for Employers to post jobs and internships, receive student application materials electronically, and schedule on-campus interviews.

Viticulture & Enology Positions

To add employment opportunities to this web page, please contact us.

More places to search for jobs & internships

Career Outlook

Washington Wine Grape and Winery Employment Needs Assessment with Projections – (This study estimates NEW jobs created – it does not include the number of jobs refilled each year).