No great wine growing region is without a prominent university partnering in its success. The Northwest is no exception. The fuel driving this emerging economic engine of wine is science-based solutions to problems in growing grapes and making wine. The Wine Science Center, paired with faculty and student support, will provide a catalyst for research breakthroughs such as:

  • Improving Washington’s Distinct, Premium Wine
    • Identifying optimum locations for new vineyards and their best cultivar matches
    • Understand differentiation between vineyard sites and climates
    • Gain understanding on how flavors are formed on the vine and in winemaking
    • Improve wine microbiology management during wine production and aging, to deliver consistent and distinct flavor profiles free of defects
  • Creating Healthy Plants, Environmentally Sustainable Vineyards and Flavorful Grapes
    • Increasing profitability by finding new ways to keep soils healthy, reduce inputs, thwart pests, and nurture vigorous plants
    • Address issues of winter freeze damage unique to the growing region
    • Determine the link between vine nutrition and wine quality
    • Keeping vineyards healthy by preventing the spread of plant viruses, phylloxera, and other diseases
    • Better methods for diagnosing virus-infected grape vines

A Brief History of Washington Wine