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Cellar Operator III | J&S Crushing | Mattawa, WA

Cellar Operator Grade III:

  • Under limited direct supervision, able to effectively perform safely and efficiently all Cellar Operations, namely:
    • Sanitation of winery equipment and tools;
    • Fruit receival and scale house duties;
    • Processing of incoming fruit;
    • Cellar movements (rackings and transfers);
    • Handling of chemicals and performing winemaking chemical additions, including yeast and malo-lactic inoculations, clarifying and finning agents, both in tanks and barrels;
    • Pump-overs (or punch-downs) of red ferments;
    • Draining and pressing of red ferments;
    • Confined space entry and pomace shoveling;
    • Barrel maintenance, including hydration, filling, topping and sanitation;
    • Assembling blends per Winemaker’s instructions;
    • Shipping (load/unload tankers and freight trucks);
    • Tank monitoring (temperatures and gassing);
    • Receiving/verifying chemicals, winemaking additives and dry goods;
  • Assist, give direction and training of Operators grade II and grade I;
  • Understand and accurately complete work orders in a timely manner;
  • Monitor ongoing Cellar Operations ensuring proper sanitation of vessels, winery equipment/tools and general winery tidiness and cleanliness including the warehouse;
  • Skillfully, i.e., safely and efficiently, operate equipment (basic and moderately complex) such as:
    • Augers
    • Centrifuge
    • Gondola dumping cranes
    • Lees, Pad and DE filters
    • Maselli robotic truck sampler
    • Presses
    • Pumps
    • Tank and barrel sanitation gear
    • Forklift and man lift
  • Able to communicate effectively in English both written and spoken;
  • Possess basic math skills;
  • Able to use meters and accurately read tape measure;
  • Self-motivated and willing to assume additional responsibility;
  • Demonstrate high standards of working ethics and integrity, maintaining a positive and professional relationship with other employees, while encouraging strong communication and teamwork;
  • Demonstrate forethought and work safely and efficiently;
  • Must value punctuality;
  • Strong attention to detail, good hygiene and housekeeping habits;
  • Physically able to:
    • Work in confined spaces
    • Climb stairs, ladders and work in warm/cold climates
    • Stand for long periods of time
    • Lift 50 lbs
  • Follow, monitor and uphold established programs, policies and practices including safety awareness, safety standards and safety incident reports;
  • Available to work long shifts seven days a week;
  • Available to work either day or night shifts.

Any applicants can respond to with a cover letter and resume