Wine Sales and Marketing Specialist, Airfield Estates Winery and Vineyards, Sunnyside, WA

Company Overview:

Airport Ranches, Inc and the Miller Family began their farming operations in 1951 on the site of a World War II flight school. It was in 1968 that the first wine grapes were planted and today the farm grows 833 acres of wine grapes and 354 acres of Concord grapes for juice. In 2005, the family decided to start a winery using exclusively estate fruit. Today, that winery, Airfield Estates, sells over 40,000 cases a year to 36 states and 3 continents. We have been experience robust growth in both businesses and are excited to add a Wine Sales and Marketing Specialist to our team.

Responsibilities of the Job:

  1. This position will be responsible for all marketing and sales activities for the following revenue categories.
    a. Wine Grape Sales to Medium and Small Winery Customers
    b. Bulk Wine Sales
    c. Private Label Program
  2. Work with senior management in crafting and executing marketing plans and standard operating procedures
  3. Building relationships with existing and potential new customers through use of multiple platforms. Networking, Trade Shows, Email Blasts, Sales websites, Winery Visits, etc.
  4. Manage customer relationship from initial meeting through receiving of product.
  5. Collaborate with our internal Accounting, Viticulture, and Winemaking departments in order to properly fulfill a customer order.
  6. Meeting or exceeding Sales Goals

Skills Needed

  1. Project Management Skills
    Candidate must be able to move along complicated customer orders requiring collaboration with multiple departments.
  2. Organization
    Candidate must be able to successfully organize, track, and manage potentially 100+ winery relationships. These relationships may be past relationships, ongoing relationships, or prospective relationships. All customers require the appropriate level of communication from Candidate.
  3. Marketing a. Candidate will be expected to contribute to helping come up with marketing plan, as well to be the primary team member executing marketing plan. These include product, price, promotion, place, and people (5 p’s of marketing).
  4. Sales
    Candidate must be able to sell our products. They must be able to make a compelling case as to why our grapes, bulk wine, and private label wine are the right products to meet the customers needs.
  5. Communication
    Candidate will be expected to be able to communicate effectively with winemaker, and wine buyers. Candidate needs to be able to communicate a competency of general wine knowledge and exceptional knowledge of our company and products.
  6. Passion
    We want candidates for this position to be passionate about position, the industry and ultimately the quality of the product we are crafting.


Minimum – Graduate from a 2 year or 4 year degree program

Target – Graduate in Viticulture and Oenology Program and/or Graduate in a 4 year Business/Marketing Program

Work Experience

Minimum – Professional Sales Experience with work experience that demonstrates project management and organizational skills.

Target – 3+ years of Wine Sales Experience. Working with corporate wine buyers and winemakers.


Annual Salary of between $40,000 – $50,000

Performance Bonus Opportunities

Health Care Coverage

Applying for this position

Please submit your resume to along with a one page cover letter explaining why your interest in the position and how you are qualified, sell us on you!