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Vineyard Manager, Paumanok Vineyards, Long Island

Paumanok Vineyards is one of the oldest and better known wine estates on Long Island. Paumanok was founded by The Massoud Family in 1983. Paumanok owns 127 acres of which 80 are planted in vineyards. Another 30 acres may still be planted. As we grow we are looking to add some new blood to our operation and we are soliciting applications for a Vineyard Manager, as our son Nabeel Massoud is looking to move on to a different career. There will be a period when Nabeel can help transition in the successful candidate.

The Vineyard Manager’s overall objective in this position will be to adopt and pursue Paumanok’s fundamental beliefs of vineyard management. At Paumanok, we believe that the highest quality wines are made from the healthiest, ripest grapes obtainable.

Job Description
The Vineyard Manager will work closely with the Director of Winegrowing to produce and execute a program that results in growing the highest quality wines, while following the guidelines established by Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing (LISW), of which Paumanok is a member.Z

The Vineyard Manager will have direct oversight of and responsibility for all viticultural work at Paumanok including but not limited to: pruning, tying, suckering, trellis installation, maintenance and repair, mowing, wire lifting, shoot-positioning and canopy management, leaf-removal, hedging, spraying, petiole sampling and soil sampling, fertilizing, composting, planting, plowing and site preparation for new vineyards, irrigation installation and management, deploying nets and harvesting.
In addition to managing and executing viticultural work, the Vineyard Manager will be responsible for grounds keeping work around the winery and elsewhere on the Paumanok estate.

As part of the Paumanok Management team the Vineyard Manager will be responsible for labor management, regulatory compliance and timely execution of vineyard tasks. Plans to implement and execute these responsibilities are to be presented to and approved by the CEO and the Director of Winegrowing.
From time to time, the Vineyard Manager may be asked to conduct tours for Paumanok customers and similar parties such as wine journalists, sommeliers, etc.

Vineyard Tasks
• Act as the primary applicator of pesticides and closely supervise and train other handlers. Vineyard spray schedules shall be tightly kept and an emphasis shall be on prevention of disease and adherence to WPS and LISW guidelines.

• Perform yearly soil tests and petiole analysis and make recommendations for improvements accordingly.
• Operate all the equipment at his or her disposal including multiple tractors and tunnel sprayers, a laser planter, a new state of the art grape harvester with on board destemming and sorting, a leaf puller, a hedger and other equipment.
• Develop a weekly program for the crew and monitor its implementation daily.
• Must have good mechanical skills to efficiently operate all machinery, perform minor repairs and keep a tight program of preventive maintenance on all equipment.
• Execute the harvest under the supervision of the Director of Winegrowing.
• Upon completion of harvest a winterization program is implemented before the start of the winter program.
• From time to time, prepare presentations to management to report on progress or on findings and make recommendations when appropriate.
• Participate in and attend educational events and represent Paumanok at such events.

Labor Management
• Act as the primary person responsible to hire, train and supervise vineyard workers.
• Hiring to be done as needed and ahead of the emerging need so that the necessary skills are available when needed.
• Training is a never ending task that includes all the activities expected, such as pruning, suckering, shoot tying, shoot positioning, leaf removal, wire lifting, hand harvesting, netting and other similar activities. Also, when applicable train workers to operate machinery.
• Supervise employees to ensure optimal productivity while maintaining an atmosphere of positive motivation and team work. Keep track of time worked and monitor the well being of the workers. Ensure all workers comply with all WPS rules and instructions and making sure they fully understand pesticide postings.
• Report crew hours worked every Monday morning for the preceding week.
Regulatory Compliance
• Implement and monitor the correct adherence to WPS. This includes making sure that product labels are strictly adhered to and that the workers are prepared with training and necessary equipment, such as respirators, if called for.
• Keep detailed spray records and pesticide acquisition records, as required by WPS and by Paumanok.
• Develop and document a pesticide and fertilization program that fully complies with the guidelines established by LISW.
• Responsible for WPS posting and adherence to its restrictions.

• Minimum of 3 years as a Vineyard Manager or 5 years as an Assistant Vineyard Manager.
• A university degree in viticulture or other agricultural degree.
• Hold a private applicator license from NYS DEC.
• Have a deep understanding of grape growing in the Northeastern United States.
• A passion for wine, viticulture and winegrowing.

• Commensurate with experience and qualifications.
• Paumanok offers benefits for full-time employees including a health insurance plan and a SIMPLE IRA retirement plan.

Interested individuals should send a résumé and any supporting documentation to We expect to have completed this recruitment by June 30, 2017.