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Viticulturists, Estates & Wines | Moët Hennessy, California, New Zealand and China

We are launching a global recruitment program in Viticulture. We are offering great job opportunities as Viticulturists for our outstanding Vineyards located in California ; New-Zealand and China.

We are opening three Assistant Viticulturists positions from January 2018 in California, New-Zealand and China as the start of a three-year program during which the retained applicants will rotate every year between the three locations. These three one-year assignments are designed to provide intensive and contrasting learning experiences.
Following the three years, the Assistant Viticulturists will be expected to have developed top skills in viticulture, vineyard R&D and management as well as cultural adaptability to successfully establish themselves in one of our estates.
Candidates must have done at least 2 different vintages/harvests in 2 different countries and languages. They should have ideally some Knowledge/experience with Pest identification/monitoring, Irrigation Water Management and Vine Nutrition. Finally, a first experience in Precision Viticulture programs and processes is a real plus.
You’ll find more details in the job offer attached.  Viticulturist International Graduate Program Ad (003)

Could you please share with your students & alumni network this wonderful opportunity?

Those who are interested should apply directly on LVMH website:

If you have questions please contact:

Sarah Lemoine, HR Assistant
Estates & Wines | Moët Hennessy
Direct: : +33 (0) 1 58 97 69 01 | E-mail: