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Vineyard Pest and Disease Scouting-Workshop

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Join us for a full day, hands-on workshop on various components of disease, insect pest, and vine nutrition monitoring. Five modules are designed to give you practical information to help hone your vineyard scouting skills and increase your knowledge of plant health and protection from economically important and emerging pests. The modules will include new and regionally important information based on research findings from OSU, USDA-ARS and WSU.

Registration ($60)

Registration is required in advance to ensure that adequate materials are available. Space is limited to allow greater interaction with presenters in this hands-on workshop. A boxed lunch, handouts, printed publications, and scouting tools (magnifying loupe and mini-microscope) will be provided as part of registration fees. Registration deadline is 12noon, April 28. No late registrations or on-site registration will be allowed!

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Event Details

Location: Seven Hills Vineyard, Milton-Freewater, OR

Time: 9:00AM- 4:00PM

Module 1: Cold Damage and Crown Gall

Managing a vineyard that is recovering from winter cold damage is challenging enough, but there can be exasperating circumstances that test even the most seasoned viticulturist. WSU Viticulture Extension Specialist Michelle Moyer will discuss how and why outbreaks of crown gall occur, how to scout for damage and galls in your vineyard, how to manage vineyards expressing crown gall symptoms, and how to prevent future outbreaks in both existing and new vineyards.

Module 2: Scouting for Fungal Diseases

Vineyards with good spray programs are often free of diseases, making it difficult to identify the first signs of infections when scouting. Three diseases will be covered in this section: Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, and Phomopsis. Plant pathologists, Walt Mahaffee, USDA-ARS and Jay Pscheidt, OSU, will provide information and demonstrations on fungal disease scouting and offer tips on scouting techniques for the major fungal diseases of the region. What some may think is a sign of infection may not be. Hand lenses (30X and 45X) will be provided and participants will enhance scouting skills for the hardest time to scout—early season.

Module 3: Scouting for Key Insect Pests

OSU Entomologist, Vaughn Walton and Brian Bahder of the WSU Entomology Program, team up to show you how to scout for key insect pests in the vineyard. Vaughn Walton will discuss the scouting and management of invasive pests including mealybug, European Grapevine Moth, Light Brown Apple Moth, and Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. Brian Bahder will join the team to present on pests of concern for eastern Oregon, including cutworms and leafhoppers.

Module 4: Scouting for Viruses and Nematodes

Bob Martin, virologist and Inga Zasada, nematologist, both of USDA-ARS, and Naidu Rayapti, virologist, WSU-IAREC, will provide information on what types of above- and below-ground symptoms one might expect to see on virus- and nematode-infested vines. Information on when to sample for nematodes and viruses found in the PNW, what tissues to sample, and management recommendations will be presented.

Module 5: Monitoring for Grapevine Nutrition

Paul Schreiner, USDA-ARS Plant Physiologist and Patty Skinkis, OSU Viticulture Extension Specialist, will provide information on grapevine nutrition monitoring programs for vineyards. Learn how to sample for tissue assessment of nutrition, how to interpret results of tests, and how to scout the vineyard to identify potential vine health problems related to vine nutrition.

Final Wrap-Up Session

The program will finish with a wine tasting and general question and answer session with the Seven Hills Vineyard team and OSU, WSU and USDA-ARS presenters. Additional Information for participants The program will be held completely outdoors and will require that participants are dressed appropriately for the weather. The show will go on, rain or shine!

This event qualifies participants for OR and/or WA pesticide recertification credits.

Workshop participants should not bring any diseased/compromised plant materials, insects or pests for ID by presenters as this is being held in a commercial vineyard and we want to ensure no spread of pests.


This program is brought to you by OSU Viticulture Extension, WSU Viticulture & Enology Extension, USDA-ARS and the OWRI: